Legal Disputes

We take our clients’ quest for justice seriously. In our system, accomplishing justice takes care, zeal, and legal knowledge. With over fifteen years of experience, we have the skills you need in the courtroom, at trial, in mediation, in arbitration, and on appeal. We have successfully resolved cases small and large (millions of dollars). But every case we take on is important to our clients, and important to us. If you need experienced, zealous advocates on your side, give us a call.

Trust & Estate Disputes

Sometimes negotiation or litigation is needed to resolve trust and estate disputes. Trustees may breach their fiduciary duties to beneficiaries, or personal representatives may use estate assets for their own personal benefit. Washington law provides a more efficient and less costly way to resolve trust and estate disputes: the Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act (“TEDRA”). TEDRA provides for an initial hearing and mediation that can sometimes resolve all matters without a costly and time consuming trial. When the Court is asked to adjudicate a dispute, and sometimes when the parties agree, TEDRA gives extra flexibility in creating cost effective and tailored remedies that work for a specific situation.

We help clients resolve dispute regarding trusts and estates, including disputes involving

  • will and testamentary trust interpretation;
  • removal of personal representatives, administrators, and executors;
  • family support awards;
  • omitted spouse claims;
  • mediation, arbitration, and trial;
  • trust and estate resolution agreements;
  • spousal rights;
  • rights relating to committed intimate relationships;
  • community property issues;
  • elder abuse and inheritance rights;
  • joint owners and real estate co-tenants;
  • creditor claims against the estate;
  • will contests;
  • undue influence, fraud, and lack of capacity;
  • breach of fiduciary duties relating to powers of attorney;
  • title issues;
  • inventories and estate accountings;
  • breaches of fiduciary duty; and
  • personal representatives’ failure to provide information to beneficiaries and settle estates quickly.

Trust and estate disputes can be lengthy and costly, and with the right approach, some can be solved quickly in a cost effective manner. Choosing the right attorney can be an important first step. Our attorneys have over 15 years of experience protecting estate assets and holding trustees, personal representatives, and third parties accountable. Set up an appointment to have a Bellingham trust and probate litigation attorney review your particular situation and craft a legal strategy to protect you or get you what you are entitled to.

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“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

We agree with these words of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Institutions discriminate against people based on race, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. Even after discrimination is brought to the attention of the institution, things often do not change. The complainant can be ignored, dismissed, or discouraged from “making a big deal of it.” The blame is sometimes put on a “bad apple,” who may be fired or disciplined. But institutions need to commit to undoing years of institutional and systemic bias.

As with other injustices in our system, sometimes it takes a lawsuit to make an institution recognize its responsibilities under federal and state laws, or at the very least, compensate people who have been discriminated against. We are committed to doing what it takes to obtain justice for our clients and see real systemic change happen.

To prevail in a discrimination case, you need a legal team that understands discrimination and has the passion for justice required to see your case through to the end. Junga Cha’s passion and experience arises from years of seeking justice for marginalized people. She was recognized by the Washington State Bar Association for “her tireless work protecting and enforcing the civil rights of communities of color.” Our legal team has a long history of obtaining justice for clients who have been the targets of employment discrimination, racial profiling, and other civil rights violations. Contact us to set up a free consultation.

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Real Estate Disputes

Real estate law can be complex. If you have found yourself in a real estate dispute, choosing the right attorney is an important first step toward achieving a just and efficient resolution of the dispute. We put over 15 years of litigation experience to work for our clients and achieve just and cost effective results for them. We help clients resolve real estate disputes, including,

  • rights of co-tenants and joint owners;
  • partition and sale actions;
  • title issues and quiet title actions;
  • vacated roads and rights of way;
  • adverse possession;
  • boundary disputes;
  • easement disputes;
  • purchase options;
  • purchase and sale agreements;
  • deed warranties;
  • specific performance; and
  • damages.

If you need help with a real estate dispute, contact us to find out how we can protect your rights.

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