“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

— Martin Luther King Jr.

We agree with the wise words of Dr. King. We take our client’s quest for justice seriously. In our system, accomplishing justice takes care, zeal, and wisdom. With over fifteen years of experience, we have the skills you need in the courtroom, at trial, in mediation, and in arbitration. We have experience with cases small and large (multimillion dollars). But every case we take on is important to our clients, and important to us. If you need zealous advocates on your side, give us a call.

Trust & Estate Disputes

Trustees and personal representatives are fiduciaries. They owe duties to all of the beneficiaries of the trust, or estate, they manage. They are required to share information and proceed in a timely manner. We have represented trustees and beneficiaries. Washington has tough laws when it comes to elder abuse, and the inheritance rights of people accused of taking advantage of elderly people. We have represented clients in complex and contested probates, estate and trust disputes, and disputes regarding undue influence, lack of capacity (to make a conveyance or sign an estate document), self-dealing, fraud, theft, elder abuse cases, and creditors’ claims.

If you have found yourself in an estate or trust dispute, you need a team on your side that understands the process and how to use it to protect you and get what you are entitled to. We have over a decade of experience with trust and estate disputes. If you need representation in a trust or estate dispute, or if you are trying to head one off before it happens, call our office to see how our legal team can help.

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Institutions can discriminate against people based on their race, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. Even after discrimination is brought to the attention of the institution, things often do not change. The complainant is often dismissed or discouraged from “making a big deal of it.” The blame is sometimes put on a “bad apple,” who might be fired or disciplined. But an institution needs to take concrete steps to undo years of institutional and systemic bias. Systems need to be put in place and the institutional culture needs to change or it will happen again.

As with other injustices in our system, sometimes it takes a lawsuit to make an institution recognize its responsibilities under federal and state laws, or at the very least, compensate people who have been discriminated against. We care about true equity and inclusion. We are happy to do what it takes to obtain compensation for our clients and see real systemic change happen. To prevail in a discrimination case, you need a legal team that understands discrimination and has the passion for justice required to see your case through to the end. We help people obtain justice when they are the targets of employment discrimination, racial profiling, discrimination in education, and other civil rights violations. Call us to set up a free consultation.

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Business Disputes

Sometimes, even the best laid plans do not avoid disputes between co-owners. Contracts that were clear when written, are subject to interpretation. We happily provide our clients a thorough and careful review of the documentary evidence, including contracts, emails, and accounting records. If the opposing party does not agree to a reasonable settlement, litigation may be needed. We provide our clients results through negotiation, mediation, trial and arbitration. We know your business is your livelihood. We will handle your case with the care and dedication that you deserve.

If you need to enforce an agreement or protect your rights, give us a call to find out how we can help you.

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Real Estate Disputes

The rule of thumb in Washington when it comes to real estate is get it in writing. Even though our statute of frauds is rigorous, and requires written documents in many instances, the devil is in the details. And many contract terms that appeared unambiguous when drafted become unclear in the face of an actual dispute.

We have helped clients with many real estate disputes, including boundary disputes, title issues, easement disputes, road easements, home owner association rules, condominium issues, railroad easements, commercial leases, purchase and sale agreements, deed warranties, disputes with realtors, undisclosed defects, seller misrepresentations, specific performance, and purchase options.

If you have found yourself in a real estate dispute, call us to protect your rights.

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Restraining Orders

When relationships become dangerous, or if an elderly person is being taken advantage of, quick action is often needed. A restraining order can go into effect right away to protect the petitioner from immediate harm, if the court commissioners finds that the legal requirements are met. Restraining orders put the threatening individual on notice regarding legal requirements and the interactions they are no longer allowed to have with you. If they violate the protective order, police are authorized to take action to ensure your safety. To effectively obtain all the benefits from a restraining order, you should contact an experienced restraining order attorney in Bellingham.

Experienced and compassionate attorneys at Cha & Alexander Law Firm, P.S. can move quickly to obtain a restraining order for you or a loved one. Our attorneys will advocate for you in the protective order process. We will work with you to gather information and evidence you need to meet the court’s requirements, including photographs, video, witnesses, text messages, or social media posts.

In Washington courts, most restraining orders are referred to as protective orders. There are several types:

  • Vulnerable Adult Protective Orders: These restraining orders protect elders from abandonment, abuse, financial exploitation, or neglect. They are often needed when a family member is using a power of attorney to steal money, or where the family member is coercing an elderly person into transferring funds.
  • Anti-harassment Protective Orders: These restraining orders protect victims from harassers who unreasonably interfere with the petitioner’s privacy or who create an intimidating, hostile or offensive living environment for the petitioner. They are often needed for stalkers or other harassers attempting to unlawfully intimidate someone.
  • Sexual Assault Protective Orders: These restraining orders protect victims from non-consensual sexual conduct, including a single incident of non-consensual sexual conduct or non-consensual sexual penetration. They are often needed to protect a child from an abuser.
  • Domestic Violence Protective Orders: These restraining orders protect victims from violence perpetrated by someone they live with. These are often needed to provide legal protection for a victim trying to escape an abusive relationship.

Tragically, protective orders are sometimes used inappropriately, as a weapon. Petitioners may make false or misleading claims. If someone is seeking a restraining order against you based on false information, our compassionate and experienced attorneys can help you defend against the allegations.

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