Trust administration does not need to be confusing or stressful for a newly appointed trustee. Being a trustee comes with a lot of legal responsibilities, including adhering to the requirements in the trust and the law. We help trustees navigate the process in a way that meets the legal requirements and reduces stress and expense.

Trust beneficiaries have rights under the terms of the trust and according to Washington law. Trust beneficiaries may not be allowed to control the assets, but they may have beneficial ownership of trust assets, and are usually entitled to information regarding the assets and their administration, and to distributions from the trust.

Trust administration refers to the process of fulfilling the settlor’s intent as provided in the trust document and following applicable laws. Trust administration often includes –

  • Sending notice to the settlor’s heirs and trust beneficiaries;
  • Collecting the trust assets;
  • Paying debts and taxes;
  • Tracking trustee time and expenses;
  • Preparing accountings and other information about the trust for trust beneficiaries; and
  • Distributing trust assets to the beneficiaries.

Consult with an attorney to ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities regarding trust assets. Our office has years of experience representing both trustees and beneficiaries. We guide clients through the processes of trust administration and probate, including complex and contested matters. Contact us to learn how we can help.

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